Letter to the Editor

Yes, we still collect tabs for Ronald McDonald House

Sunday, June 16, 2019

To the editor:

Once again I got a phone call with the inquiry if we were still collecting pop tabs and I told Mrs. Lloyd (Mary) Burns, “yes” and “yes;” that this is an ongoing project collecting for the McDonald House at Indianapolis, for almost 50 years started by the late Rev. Wm. E. Brown; that we personally haul the tabs to Indianapolis to deliver personally to their establishment, the McDonald House, that we have delivered 5 million tabs thus far.

In addition, we also collect the pop cans for our ongoing project, “Rice for the Haiti Children,” and we have a missionary there working with the children and rice is the main food they eat daily mixed with whatever they can get, mainly red beans.

We can still see pop cans tossed along roads. People are wanting to receive a blessing so save those cans and tabs and drop them off at Bedwell Tire on National Avenue, Brazil, or call (812) 986-2990, (812) 605-0622, or (812) 448-2873 for pick up. If no one answers, leave your phone number and we’ll call back for pick up. Thank you.

We do not take any money for either project and do buy large plastic bags to transport cans and boxes for the tabs and the personal delivery of tabs.

Our can man, Tom Fulk, takes care of storage until we obtain enough to haul and York Auto Sales donated transportation and our driver delivers.


Marion (Sarge) Eveland