Letter to the Editor

Son's Lemonade Day stand was a success

Sunday, August 11, 2019

To the editor:

On Saturday, July 20th, my eight-year-old son, James participated in his fourth Wabash Valley National Lemonade Day. He set his stand up at the Kroger store. His two-hour lemonade stand was able to raise $290.63 for the Clay County Youth Food Delivery Program! This couldn’t have been possible without the generosity of so many people. We wish to thank the Kroger store, Kroger employees, Wabash Valley National Lemonade Day, CASY, Rose-Hulman, The Brazil Times, Ivy Jacobs, YMCA of Clay County, Haley Yocum, Sherry Stewart, Lori Dougherty, Rhonda Treash, workers at McDonald’s and every single person who stopped by to make a donation. Every donation makes a difference in the lives of the children who will be fed with these proceeds. We cannot thank our community enough!


Merry Miller Moon

Proud mother of James Miller Moon