Fall pruning tips

Thursday, September 19, 2019


The advice by many experts regarding fall pruning is “DON’T DO IT” as it can cause more harm than good.

➢ Pruning in the fall would stimulate new growth when a plant should be trying to go dormant.

➢ New growth weakens the plant which is not what a plant needs when it is heading into winter.

➢ Fall pruning creates a wound that can result in a more severe winterkill

Good time to prune

➢ Middle of winter or early spring if you absolutely can’t stop yourself.

➢ When it is sunny and dry as pruning while it is wet/damp outside will cause diseases to spread. Damp weather promotes mold and bacteria.

➢ In the spring once a plant has finished flowering.

Pruning too much

➢ Most plants don’t require pruning-Fruit trees and overgrown shrubs are really the only thing that requires it and helps them to produce more fruits and flowers.

Pruning focus

➢ Dead or dying branches

➢ Low hanging branches

➢ Prune back to the main stem

o Leaving a stub sticking out opens your tree or shrub up to bacteria or gives insects a home.

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