COURT NEWS Nov. 15-22, 2019

Friday, November 22, 2019


Circuit Court

The following case filings were reported in Clay Circuit Court during Nov. 15-22, 2019:


Capital One Bank vs. Paul Dillion

Bank of America vs. Valerie Clark


State vs. Jones, Michael Ray: (MB)Possession of marijuana

State vs. Butler, Joshua: (MA)Invasion of privacy violate a protective order

State vs. Chickadaunce, Michael D: (MA)Driving while suspended knowing prior violation within 10 years

State vs. Sanders, Savannah R: (MA)Driving while suspended knowing a prior violation within 10 years

State vs. Cooksey, Ashley N: (MA)Driving while suspended knowing violation within prior 10 years, (IFC)Operating a motor vehicle with a false plate - belongs to another vehicle

State vs. Leweici, Joshua M: (F5)Burglary, (F6)Theft with a prior conviction for either theft or conversion

State vs. Baughman, Angel L: (F6)Fraud, (MA)Theft

State vs. Diekhoss, John Gregory: (F6)Operate vehicle after being habitual traffic offender

Domestic Relations

Mindy Whitehead vs. Travis Whitehead - With children

Lance Pearison vs. Natasha Pearison - with children

Mortgage Foreclosure

Ditech Financial LLC - Successor by merger to Green Tree Servicing LLC vs. John Petrowski, Robin Petrowski, HSBC Finance Corporation, Successor in interest to Beneficial Financial Inc.

Small Claims

Eagle Finance Company vs. Zachary E. Hazelwood

Corvee Inc. vs. Selinda Brown; Jessica Bruce

Davis Zeller Place vs. Richard Felty

American Rental vs. Etta Purtell

Brazil Public Library vs. Alisha Waskom; Jordan Lovett

Superior Court

The following case filings in Clay Superior Court were reported during Nov. 15-22, 2019:


Midland funding LLC vs. Timothy Farkas

Forum Credit Union vs. Cindy Paul, George Gilbert


State vs. Huff, Patrick Shawn Jr: (MB)Criminal mischief

State vs. James, Jason: (F5)Domestic battery by means of a deadly weapon, (F6)Leaving the scene of an accident with moderate or severe bodily injury

State vs. Jeffers, Shannon B: (F6)Auto theft

State vs.Miller, Michael: (MB)Possession of marijuana, (MC)Possession of paraphernalia

State vs. Coil, Nathan C: (MB)Possession of marijuana, (MC)Possession of paraphernalia

State vs. Miller, Colton: (MA)Operating vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person, (MC)Operating vehicle with Alcohol Concentration Equivalent to at least .08 but less than .15

State vs. Brush, Ryan Allen: (F4)Unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious felon

State vs. Branson, Steven: (F6)Operating a vehicle with an ACE of .15 or more with a prior conviction

State vs. Jackson, Sieanna M: (F6)Possession of methamphetamine - basic offense any amount below 5 grams, (MC)Possession of paraphernalia

State vs. Braswell, James C: (F6)Operating a vehicle while intoxicated prior conviction

State vs. Reagin, Mark L: (MC)Dog bite liability bodily injury to another person

State vs. Frakes, Paul E: (F6)Possession of methamphetamine - basic offense for any amount below 5 grams, (MC)Possession of paraphernalia

State vs. Lewickis, Joshua M: (MA)Resisting law enforcement knowing or intentional flees

State vs. Myers, Jordan Blake: (F3)Dealing in methamphetamine delivery of amount between 5-10 grams, (F5)Possession of methamphetamine - basic offense amount between 5-10 grams

Small Claims

Corvee Inc. vs. Brenda Felty

Christina L. Ketner vs. Mindy Whitehead, Travis H. Whitehead