COURT NEWS January 10-17, 2020

Friday, January 17, 2020


Circuit Court

The following case filings were reported in Clay Circuit Court during Jan. 10-17, 2019:


First Finacial Bank vs. Chris Sutherlin


State vs. Kirby, Kyle M: (MB)Criminal mischief

State vs. Cox, Shelby L: (MA)Driiving while suspended knowing prior violation within 10 years

State vs. Noel, Joshua L: (MA)Driving while suspended knowing prior violation/conviction within 10 years

State vs. Ward, Sarah N: (F6)Check decption amount between $750-$50,000

Domestic Relations

Meghan Fox vs. Samuel Fox - without children

Mortgages Foreclosures

Caliber Home Loans inc.. vs. James A. Greenlee, Minghui Zhou

Riddell National Bank vs. Anna R. Gregg-Keller, Steven D. Gregg

Superior Court

The following case filings in Clay Superior Court were reported during Jan. 10-17, 2019:


Cavalry SPV I, LLC as assignee of Synchrony Bank vs. Karen Shepler


State vs. Dillion, Paul: (F4)Child Molesting child under 14

State vs. Borka, Joseph: (MA)Knowingly or intentionally operating a motor vehicle without ever receiving a license, (IFC)Operating a motor vehicle with a false plate

State vs. Sanders, Bambi G: (F6)Possession of methamphetamine basic offense for any amount below 5 grams

Small Claims

Anthony Myles vs Christina Lanier

Clay County School Corporation vs Terry Whitaker; Jenny Wilburn; Katrina Shearer; Shannon and Valerie Combs; Jason Moss; Betty Wallace, Shawn Mason Chaney; Michelle Rasey; Candace Hobbs; Rachel Enders, Jeff Enders

Brazil Housing Authority vs. Shawn Swanson

Raymond & Carrie McCoy vs. HErsschell & Cindy Burris

Domestic Relations

Mark Edmondon vs. Paula Kay Edmondson - without children

Shawna Rannae Whalen vs. James Lee Whalen - without children

Marriage Licenses

Due to new computer programming at the Clay County Courthouse, the address information provided in previous marriage license applications will no longer be provided as public information. Only the names will appear in the future.

Douglas Keith Duncan, 53, and Heidy Sue Poland, 42

Kenneth George Sanders, 26, and Chelsea Renee Taylor, 24