Letter to the Editor

LETTER: People ‘support a pole’ in Poland

Monday, April 13, 2020

To the editor:

The Poland Community Lions Club was founded 11 years ago and one of the major reasons was to serve the community by supporting the Poland Street Light Fund. The cost of the 16 streetlights in Poland, was set in 1940. That rate was “grandfathered” in and has not changed, because the lights have been kept on through public donations. It is believed that should the bills go unpaid, and the lights go out, the community will no longer be able to afford the higher cost of these lights today.

The past 3 years, the streetlight fund has been sustained through private individual donations and a benefit meal sponsored by Cook’s Corner Café in Poland, and the Poland Community Lions Club. Many thanks to all who came out to support this worthy cause.

In addition, this year it was decided to solicit local businesses, churches, and community organizations asking them to “support a pole” by paying the cost of a pole for a year.

The Poland Community Lions Club wishes to thank the following businesses and individuals who “Adopted a Pole” this year:

Oak Grove Baptist Church
Clayshire Castle
Grant Perkins Construction
Poland Historical Chapel
Poland Community Lions Club
Turner Woodard (Wasatch Lake)

Zion UCC

Tri County Club

Lloyd, Mary Burns

Nancy Jonas

Ann Stigler

Leesa Walker, Don Thompson

Thanks to all in the community who have kept the lights on in Poland!