Letter to the Editor

Reader disagrees with columns

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

To the editor,

I enjoy The Brazil Times once a week when I get your free copy and the ads. I have often considered subscribing again, but then read some offensively biased editorial taken from another newspaper, always with a Democratic slant. (e.g. “Trey Hollingsworth, wearing big boy pants,” by John Krull, from the Logansport Pharos-Tribune)

Sometimes you will get a letter to the editor that presents another side, and I appreciate that you print those letters and I look forward to the rare occasions that you do. It has occurred to me that if you would have a monthly double column printing both a pro-Republican viewpoint and a pro-Democratic viewpoint on the same issue, I would subscribe to the paper again. I like the local news, but with the editorials almost always antithetical or downright offensive, it just isn’t what I want to support.

I would like to hear what local people have to say on controversial subjects. I can get the pundits all over the place, but nothing from local people. You could just present a topic (without taking a side) and then ask for opposing viewpoints and the following week print the best of them (with a caveat about length or personal attacks, or whatever else you think would be necessary.)

For example: Would the best step forward in this crisis be to continue to shut down through May or begin opening up more businesses or counties or schools? (I enjoyed the non-political discussion of that in last Tuesday’s paper)

Or: The drug Hydroxychloroquin is touted by some as being very safe &useful, by others as being profoundly dangerous and ineffective. It appears that there is a Republican bias in favor of the drug and a Democratic bias against it. It would be interesting to ask the opinion of local doctors, presenting both sides of the issue.

I bet if you did something like that you would get a lot of new subscribers like me and a lot more people writing letters to the editor.


Judy Proctor