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Tuesday, July 28, 2020
Ryden Mattingly (far right) and his family enjoyed the afternoon at Forest Park Golf Course.
Brazil Times/Adler Ingalsbe

BRAZIL – It was a hot and steamy afternoon with little shade to be found at Forest Park Golf Course Saturday, but there were no complaints to be had.

Flocks of people from in and around the Clay County area settled into their golf carts for the 10th annual Pierson DeHart Memorial Golf Tournament.

Following lunch for all of the participants, Chris and Melissa DeHart rounded everyone up to give their thanks from atop the Forest Park clubhouse steps.

For the 10th year in a row, Melissa DeHart (left) and Chris DeHart held the Pierson DeHart Memorial Golf Tournament at Forest Park.
Brazil Times/Adler Ingalsbe

Melissa began the start-of-the-day ceremonies with several heartfelt remarks.

“We weren’t really sure if this was going to happen [due to COVID-19], so we waited and waited. Luckily, God pulled through and this is amazing. This is the absolute most sponsorships we’ve ever had,” she said. “In a time with so much uncertainty, that just brings overwhelming joy to us. I can’t explain that. Thank you so much if you sponsored. Thank you so much if you’re here. Thank you so much for supporting the [Mattingly] family … They’re an amazing family. Thank you so much for everything. We really do appreciate it.”

She then turned it over to her husband, who also thanked those who participated and sponsored the event.

"This is the absolute most sponsorships we’ve ever had," said Melissa DeHart on this year's Pierson DeHart Memorial Golf Tournament's turnout.
Brazil Times/Adler Ingalsbe

“On behalf of my family, we can’t thank you guys enough for what you’ve done. This community, this town, it’s really stepped up for 10 years now,” Chris said. “Melissa does all of the hard work behind the scenes and you guys come together. It’s just awesome to watch and be a part of. I can’t thank you guys enough. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for doing this.”

DeHart also explained how the day on the course would go, which was a scramble format with five skill prices (Par 3s and a long drive on No. 18) to be had.

A prayer concluded the ceremonies and the golfers then took their seat in the carts lined up in front of the clubhouse and sped off to the holes they were assigned to.

Chris DeHart tees off to get his afternoon on the course started.
Brazil Times/Adler Ingalsbe

Once each foursome arrived at their starting hole, an air horn was blown into the Brazil air, signaling the official start of the golf tournament.

Great shots were sunk, while other shots went ringing around various parts of the course, but in the end, all of the time and money that was put into Saturday was for a fabulous cause.

All of the proceeds went to Ryden Mattingly, the son of Dustin and Desiree Mattingly, all of whom were present for the event.

Many from in and around the Clay County area participated in Saturday's event at Forest Park Golf Course.
Brazil Times/Adler Ingalsbe

Ryden, who is approaching his first birthday, was born premature and spent a short time in the NICU. When he was around three weeks old, his parents started noticing things that caused concerns.

He was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis and had to have emergency surgery. He sees several specialists for different reasons, including a Cardiologist, Neurologist, Neurosurgeon, Orthotist, and has recently been referred to Developmental Peds and a Geneticist.

Throughout the afternoon, several of the golfers, several of the golfers made their way over to the Mattingly family to visit with Ryden, who greeted them with a smile, while his parents thanked them for taking part in Saturday's tournament.

Before turning in their team's scorecard, each foursome took a picture with the Pierson DeHart Memorial Golf Tournament banner placed in the ground right outside the clubhouse.
Brazil Times/Adler Ingalsbe
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