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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Brazil’s American Legion Post #2 holds the honor of being the second post organized in Indiana, and its members have been serving Clay County for more than 100 years.

According to the post’s charter dated October 1, 1920, current members were ready to celebrate the anniversary this year until the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. A celebration planned during October was delayed until Saturday, November 7, but another spike in the community’s positive cases canceled that event 24 hours before it was scheduled to start.

“There were spikes in the community, and we had members test positive for COVID,” said Event Organizer Randy Kaelber. “So, we canceled the celebration to be safe. Hopefully, there will be a time soon when we can have a party to celebrate 100 years serving the community.”

Kaelber said the community service group is not only excited about being the second oldest post in Indiana, but the members who are also very loyal to the post and supportive of the Brazil community deserve recognition.

“We have one veteran who has been a member here for 74 years,” said Kaelber about the veterans who might not live in Indiana but loyally maintained membership at the Brazil post. “We have six members with 60 years here, and 13 more that have 50 years.”

The list of names include:

70-year membership

Milton Burns74

60-year membership

Roy W. Neese66
Larren G. Mathews64
Max E. Tipton63
James W. Rosser62
Charles Fortner62
Marion R. Lacy60

50-year membership

Forrest G. Lawson57
Joseph F. Thomas57
Thomas W. Owen56
Herbert Julbert53
John S. Nelson53
Mark L. Minar52
Charles E. Schultz52
Robert G. Stinson52
Curtis W. Kumpf51
Steven Lamb51
Charles L. Loughmiller51
Jack L. Moody50
Steven B. Weltzin50

“We have even more members, veterans with 40, 30, and 20 years here at the post,” said Kaelber about veterans who may not live in the area anymore but have maintained memberships here in Brazil. “They can move their membership anywhere to another post, but they stay here. That says a lot.”

NOTE: Due to the uptick in the COVID-19 pandemic, The American Legion is closed until further notice.

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