COURT NEWS: December 1-15, 2020

Monday, December 21, 2020



The following case filings reported in Clay Circuit Court during December 1-15, 2020:


Rachel L Brindley vs. Elijah J May, Progressive Paloverde Insurance Company

James McClellan, Sandra McClellan vs. Anonymous doctor, Anonymous radiology group, Anonymous hospital

Discover Bank C/O Discover Products Inc. vs. Angela Pugh

Mariner Finanace LLC vs. Jared Lumsdon

LVNV Funding LLC vs. Christina Willis, Julie Lake

Joseph Jenness II vs. Brazil Lodging Associates LLC

Midland Credit Management Inc. vs. Jamey S Hanson; Rebecca Detzer

Discover Bank vs. Lisa Backfish

Midland Credit Management Inc. vs. Deborah Mendenhall


Monnett, Travis W: (MB)Possession of marijuana

Simonson, Jeremy K: (MA)Resisting law enforcement

Gordon, Phillip R: (F6)Possession of methamphetamine basic offense any amount below 5 grams, (F6)Unlawful possession of syringe, (M)Possession of marijuana

Cole, Samuel M: (F6)Theft - value of property between $750-$50,000, (F6)Possession of methamphetamine basic offense any amount below 5 grams

Kilker, Darlene F: (MB)Battery

Nesbit, Gavin: (MA)Invasion of privacy violates protective order

Crosley, Shelby T: (MA)Driving while suspended knowing violation and prior conviction within 10 years

Lalen, Dustin J: (F6)Battery against public safety official, (MA)Resisting law enforcement, (MB)Disorderly conduct

Edington, Thomas S: (F6)Dometic battery - prior conviction

Glaze, Chad: (MA)Theft, (MB)Criminal mischief

Angela Lynch vs. Gregory Lynch - with children

Loden, Kylie D.: (F6)Domestic battery committed in the presence of a child less than 16 years


Jamie Ann Burrows vs. Christopher Scott Burrows - with children

Lyle Dean Hendrix vs. Sherilyn J Hendrix - without children

Greg Darrow vs. Pebbles Custer - without children

Shane Stevens v. Sarah Stevens - with children

Meeghan A Riggs-Pirtle bs. Jake R Pirtle - without children


The following case filings reported in Clay Superior Court during December 1-15, 2020:


Capital One Bank (USA) vs. Thomas Hood

LVNV Funding LLC Vs. Karen Criss

Mariner Finance LLC vs. Christopher Atkinson

Crown Asset Mangamen LLC vs. Brad Phillips


Long, Judson: (MA)Theft

Wallace, Michael James: (MA)Driving while suspended knowing prior violation and conviction within 10 years, (IFA)Operating a motor vehicle without financial responsibility

Nieft, Ryan: (F6)Possession of methamphetamine basic offense for any amount below 5 grams, (MC)Possession of paraphernalia

Parker, Leah J: (MA)Domestic battery

Barnhart, Brittany: (F3)Possession of methamphetamine of 28 or more grams, (F6)Neglect of dependent, places dependent in dangerous situation

McMilliam, Maria: (F6)Auto theft

Sutherlin, Darian: (MA)Operating vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person

Fields, Christopher A: (MA)Operating vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person, (MA)Operating a vehicle with Alcohol Concentration Equivalent to .15 or more, (MC)Operating a vehicle with a schedule I or II controlled substance or metabolite in the system, (MC)Reckless driving at an unreasonable high or low rate of speed to endanger safety

Jeffers, Shannon B: (F1)Attempted murder, (F3)Criminal confinement while armed with a deadly weapon, (F3)Possession of methamphetamine - 28 or more grams, (F4)Unlawful possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon, (F6)Pointing a firearm at another

Linville, Patricia J.: (F5)Possession of methamphetamine basic offense amount between 5 & 10 grams, (MC)Possession of paraphernalia


Joseph E French vs. Crystal Wilson

Brazil Public Library vs. Timothy Zuel

Kenneth & Angelia Stofleth & Angela Stofleth vs. Michael Lacy

Leigh Henderson vs. Tyler Butts & Emily Butts

Pines Apts of Harmony vs. Amanda Alexander

Brazil Housing Authority vs. Patricia Huff

Emmert Property Management vs. Arron Mink

James Gibson vs. Rayden Ditto

Chase Graverson vs. Crystal Pope & Jesse Shane


Lacey Leigh Stout vs. Ryan James Stout - With Children