TOP STORY OF THE DAY: Brazil’s heroes help when needed

Monday, March 6, 2023

A Brazil man ran to help when gunshots rang out during the Bacchus Parade in New Orleans on February 19.

Brazil resident and a 2011 graduate of Northview High School, Justin Tallman, 30, has been a Terre Haute Firefighter and paramedic since May 2021.

He was enjoying vacation time with a friend in New Orleans, watching the Bacchus Parade, when gunfire changed everything.


A teenager died, and four others were injured during a mass shooting at the Krewe of Bacchus Parade in New Orleans.

“I heard several rounds of gunfire, and everyone started scattering. Everyone was diving to the ground and running in different directions. There was a female standing near me, and I grabbed her, pulled her to the ground, and shielded her,” said Tallman. “Everybody was scattering, and folks were running and diving on the ground.”

Instincts and training kicked in, and Tallman joined another paramedic to look for injured people. About 15 yards down the street, Tallman found an injured woman shot in the leg; he helped a police officer tighten a tourniquet and stayed with her until EMS arrived.

“The best part of my job is getting to help people. Helping people has always been my focus in every job I’ve had. I’ve been in the military for 11 years now,” said the humble man, who worked in Cincinnati’s inner city for a ministry trying to keep at-risk youths off the streets. “I’ve never wanted a job that was just a job. I’ve only wanted to help people and serve my community.”

Tallman admits he likes his job.

“I think that no matter what, you should always be willing to help others,” said Tallman. “It doesn’t matter if there is risk associated or not. At the end of the day, if someone needs help and you have the means to, you should do so.”

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