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Tuesday, November 7, 2023
SUBMITTED PHOTO Pictured are (left to right) Steve Cannon of Midwest Communications, Andy Stone of A&B Farmhouse, and Steve Kidwell and Sarah Peters of Riddell National Bank.

Andy Stone believes small actions by one person can make a huge difference in the community.

The Impact Maker of the Month award was recently presented to Stone, who was described as selfless in his volunteering and commitment to improving his community.

Stone moved to Brazil a few years ago and has made it his hometown.

“I was very flattered when they called me about the award,” said Stone, who said volunteering in Indianapolis is part of a large organization. “I feel like I do small things, not earth-shattering things, but it is what I like to do.”

Those small things include but are not limited to;

revamping the landscaping in front of Forest Park,

bringing Small Town Christmas to life,

getting a new Christmas tree planted, and having a choir sing,

decorating the exterior of city hall,

being a member and helping with Brazil Main Street’s 40 Festival,

helped bring with the Tri Kappa fundraising event “Keys for the Community,”

having a new mural painted at A&B Farmhouse,

set up the “Lemonade Stand” fundraising program for juveniles and

helped recently get a grant for new Christmas decorations along US 40 for the light poles.

In his downtime, Stone works on small projects, like painting the welcome sign for Brazil, not because he was asked to but because it needed a fresh look.

“Andy is one of the most hard-working busybodies I have ever met. He will work harder at volunteering than anyone I have ever come across,” reads the entry for Andy Stone. “His heart is most definitely a part of Brazil now. And everyone is so thankful to have him in our community,” wrote Brandon Sneath.

“Andy has been a fantastic addition to our community and such a deserving winner,” said Steve Kidwell. “We’re all blessed by his efforts to make Clay County a better place to live.”

Humbled, Stone says everyone can do something to make their community better.

“Even picking up trash along the roadside, your home, or your business helps improve our communities,” said Stone. “Always do what you can to help your community to be better. It might not seem like much to you, but it can have a huge impact. Every little thing that people can contribute to makes our community better.”

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