Emergency Declaration

Thursday, June 27, 2024
HAYLEY COOPER PHOTOS - Clay City was one of the areas hit hardest by Tuesday’s storm—photos from Wednesday, June 25.

The Clay County Board of Commissioners has issued an Emergency Declaration in response to the severe storms in Clay County on the afternoon of June 25, 2024. These storms resulted in excessive rain, wind damage, downed power lines and trees, public structural damage, and life safety issues. This declaration became effective on June 26, 2024.

Responders in Clay County, including our firefighters, law enforcement, ambulance crews, county highway, various utility companies, and other groups, have been tirelessly engaged in life-saving and cleanup efforts since the storm passed. Electricity restoration efforts are still underway in some county areas, and some roads remain impassible due to downed trees and power lines. We expect these efforts to be completed by Saturday.

Many residents have suffered property damage and are beginning their repairs and cleanup efforts. It is crucial that you thoroughly photograph any damage to your property. We are still determining if the county will receive financial assistance from the state, but we must document all our damages. The more thoroughly we document our property damage, the greater the likelihood of receiving financial aid.

Please report your damages to the state via their website “in211.org” and click “ DAMAGE REPORTING “ once on the site. If you cannot make your report on the website, call the state at 211, and an Indiana State employee will assist in recording your damages.

We don’t know when the state will determine whether or not Clay County residents will receive any aid. The Clay County Emergency Management Office will update this release when/if new information is received.


Times Co-Editor

Damage from the recent storm on Tuesday is evident in the southern part of Clay County.

Many residents and businesses have suffered severe losses from the storm, which recalls the storm that wreaked havoc on Clay County last summer. Many citizens do not have power and water.

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