WANTED: Reward for information about park vandals

Monday, July 8, 2024
Marv Moon


Times Co-Editor

Patience: The capacity to tolerate situations without getting angry or upset.

Submitted - Graffiti at Forest Park.

“On My Last Nerve:” The warning issued by a person who is annoyed to the point they might soon lose patience and react angrily.

Vandals are causing this situation at Forest Park, and Park Supervisor Marv Moon took to social media on July 4th to let the community know. 

“Write on the walls at Forest Park Restrooms one more time, and I will make you my personal hobby,” the Facebook post read. “$50 to any kid that can tell me who did this.”

Moon admits after three days of consistently removing graffiti from the bathroom walls, and it is not the first time while preparing the park for the Independence Day celebration, he had enough.

“We are putting our best face on for visitors coming for the Rotary event,” said Moon, who admitted that he would not have responded on social media any other time. “And this just keeps happening.”

As fast as it was cleaned up, vandals would strike again; it was frustrating, to say the least.

Moon was heartened to learn that the community was also upset, and residents, including Mayor Brian Wyndham, began contributing to the reward money. This united response shows the power of the community in addressing such issues.

“It shows you what kind of community we really have,” Moon said about the reward, which is now at $275 and growing. “The money will go to the person who provides information leading to the identification of the person who did this.”

Moon is deeply appreciative of the community’s support, which underscores the significant role residents play in the upkeep of the parks and the enjoyment of park amenities in Brazil.

While graffiti is not the most serious crime, Moon confirms that the punishment for vandalism can be severe, serving as a deterrent for potential vandals.

Moon confirms that while graffiti is not the most serious crime, the punishment can be severe. The process of officially issuing a permanent ‘criminal trespass’ can be placed on the person(s), ensuring that the safety and beauty of the park are preserved.

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