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Tuesday, July 9, 2024
HAYLEY COOPER PHOTO - Clay County Chamber of Commerce members Christina Meyer, Michelle Engle, and Shellina Leonard Shearer joined owner Lorie Price to cut the red ribbon for The Holistic Country Cottage.

Clay County residents are in for a treat at The Holistic Country Cottage, where a unique blend of bodywork, relaxation, and energy promises a state of well-being like no other.

Located at 3340 West US State Road Cory, IN 47846, The Cottage is a one-stop destination for wellness. It offers a wide range of services, including reflexology, reiki, shiatsu, Swedish, therapeutic deep tissue, foot detox, chakra balancing, trigger point, neck and hip release, Sciatic pain relief, red light LED facial therapy, and more.

The Clay County Chamber of Commerce helped welcome the new local business to the community by cutting the official red ribbon last Tuesday.

Owner Lorie Price, a massage therapist since the late 90s, has traveled the world and studied under many talented individuals.

“I got my first therapeutic the summer of ‘97, and it had such a dramatic effect on me that I immediately started studying.”

Price soon found herself in Arizona studying at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, where she was introduced to reiki and meditation, both foreign subjects.

SUBMITTED PHOTO. The Holistic Country Cottage, 3340 West US State Road Cory, IN.

“I knew prayer, but I didn’t know meditation. It (meditation) had such an awakening inside of me on a spiritual level,” said Price.

Reiki therapy is an ancient technique used for stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki masters use gentle touch or place their hands above your body to help guide energy in a way that leads to balance and healing.

Price, an energy worker, has Reiki students worldwide, but her first two students reside in Terre Haute, her hometown. She says after years of teaching and working in resorts, she wanted to open her own business.

SUBMITTED PHOTO - BEFORE - One treatment of the red light therapy.

“I wanted this to be natural. I’m into finding natural ingredients,” explained Price.

Price further described natural remedies and care can be used instead of big pharma and prescription medicines, which often have serious side effects.

“What did we do before all that? That’s where I want to go,” said Price. “I believe there will come a point when all these lost remedies and sacred rituals will get lost.”

SUBMITTED PHOTO - AFTER - One treatment of the red light therapy.

Price illustrates that each service will be catered to the individual and that those who need her will find her.

“It will be mutual because we’ll learn, and it will be a give and take. I get something every time I go into Reiki mode; I get blessed, too.”

Price offers reflexology, applying pressure to specific points on the feet, ears, and hands, as well as shiatsu.

“(Shiatsu) is a great service for somebody who doesn’t want to take their clothes off. They can still benefit from releasing the tight, tense muscle groups and not be vulnerable in the sense of disrobing.”

Price works with a number system, 1-10, to ensure her clients feel comfortable. As Price describes it, the comfort zone number tells her what to do next.

“If I find something and I feel a blockage and I’m moving through it, once we identify it and we get into it, and I say give me a number, that’s going to be your comfort zone number.”

Price also checks and works to balance the body’s seven chakras or main energy centers. When chakras are open, energy can run through them freely, allowing harmony between the body, mind, and spirit.

“I might ask you a couple of questions depending on what chakra we’re working with, but I don’t need an answer; it’s something to think about. I recommend a specific crystal or stone; they’re all earth, so it’s grounding. I’ll let you pick one, and you get to take that with you.”

If negative thoughts or triggers flood your brain at any time, the stone or crystal will aid you.

“When you rub on that stone, it takes you away from the trauma, and it grounds you and gives you the opportunity to have a different perspective.”

Price also offers red light therapy, which uses low levels of red light to improve your skin’s appearance.

All services provided by The Holistic Country Cottage are 20% in July.

Contact Lorie at 812-318-6852, claycountyindianachamber@gmail.com, or their Facebook.

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