Thursday, September 24, 2020
Times Reporter IVY JACOBS

Brazil resident Eric Jensen’s simple idea about getting some friends together for a nostalgic cruise in town took on a life of its own and turned into “Cruising Brazil.” The first family-friendly event Saturday, August 29, was so popular many people begged the accidental event organizer to do it again, and he did on Saturday, Sept. 19. No one knows how many people actually showed up to “bop” around town during the second event, but US 40 in Brazil became a mecca for people to gather in fellowship and remember the “good old days.” The traffic was heavier, the crowds were larger watching the fun, and the vast array of street legal vehicles was greatly appreciated by those who pulled up chairs along mainstreet to watch. Enjoy these photos taken by Times Reporter Ivy Jacobs, who rode along with family members to experience Cruising Brazil 2.0. Citing a couple of areas that need work, Jensen was happy with the turn out and is planning to organize another event next year.