Swearing In Ceremony at Clay County Courthouse

Friday, January 1, 2021
Times Reporter IVY JACOBS

Republican candidates who won their races during the November election gathered for “Swearing-In Ceremony” Tuesday, December 29 in Clay County Circuit Court (3rd Floor of the Courthouse) with Superior Court Judge Robert Pell presiding. Pictured are Clay County officials Council Member At Large John Nicoson, Commissioner Bryan Allender, Council Member At Large Dave Amerman, County Clerk Amy Jordan, Council Member At Large Patricia Heffner, Commissioner Marty Heffner, County Surveyor Vernon Maesch, and Coroner Nick French. Clay County Commissioner Paul Sinders and Patti Foxx thanked Pell for taking the time to come to the ceremony and fill in for Judge Joseph Trout, who was scheduled to be there but was ill.