Letter to the Editor

Thanks for returning the wallet

Sunday, December 2, 2007

To the Editor:

Our son was visiting Brazil during the Thanksgiving weekend, with his two sons.

The two boys were very excited about the Christmas Parade and dad took them to the parade.

The next day when preparing to return home to Union, Ky., our son discovered his wallet was missing.

A thorough search of our house, cars and parking lot down town failed to turn up the missing wallet.

Upon returning to work on Monday morning in Kentucky, there was a message on his phone from a gentleman in Brazil stating he had found the wallet in the parking lot.

This fine gentleman mailed it back to our son.

At Christmas and Thanksgiving time, it is gratifying to know that the people of Brazil have their hearts in the right place.

We continue to love our community and the people living here.

Richard and Louise Resler,