Letter to the Editor

Reader recalls county history

Sunday, April 20, 2008

To the Editor:

This letter is about a variety of things.

No. 1 -- Old Days, April 1951, Corral Drive-In of Seelyville was showing "American Guerilla," in the Phillipines, starring Tyrone Power.

Admission was 60 cents, under 12 free, plus cartoon and short subjects.

Davis Hotel of Brail was charging $7 a week.

Goodwill store was located in the west end of town near Hick's Auto Supply.

No. 2 -- Letters to the Editor in the April 7 issue of The Brazil Times. I read letters about the school corporation, pet problems, signs, but the letter that interested me the most was the one by Dixie Raab about being upset with the State of the City and I believe she has every right to be upset, and I especially liked the part caring more for the rich than the rest of us.

She did a good job on that letter. It was true and precise.

No. 3 -- I remember when I went to the old Walnut Theater as somebody called it and it wasn't the Walnut Theater, it was called the Cooper Theater. It wasn't old, it was owned by Stanley Cooper, the man that had it built in the first place.

When is this town ever going to get some real officials to help bring in some real business like some bigger and worthwhile places instead of these little penny anty places like specialty shops, tanning salons and this off the wall stuff like that?

Why don't they try to bring in something like Red Robbin, CiCi's, Real Hacienda, Outback Steakhouse, Lone Star, Tumbleweed, Southwest Grille, Texas Roadhouse, Taco Casita, Sonic, A&W, Chicago's Pizza, Domino's Pizza, Red Lobster, Goody's, Big Lots, K-Mart, Tuesday Morning and Deal's; Supermarket's, like Marsh, Save-A-Lot, Red And White, IGA, Farmer's Market, etc.

Wish they had another radio station, a roller rink, a new movie theater with better hours and better movies than what they have now.

One last thing. It's too bad they haven't got someone smart enough to start up another independent newspaper, someone that can make a goal of it, someone with the know how and the money and brains to back it up along with some reliable sponsors.

Not too long ago, some small business lady, owner of a small shop locally, asked why someone would want to start a newspaper in this town? Most likely a member of the (Chamber of Commerce) and afraid of competition.

Well, my question is why would someone want to start a specialty shop or a tanning salon in this town? But they do it.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention in some business starting from midtown all the way to the west end and beyond and forget about the east end. Start building the west end up.

J.J. Weddle,