Letter to the Editor

To all coaches: Get it right

Monday, September 1, 2008

To the Editor:

I would like to give my say on some of the coaches at Northview High School.

I really think some of them are very rude and the rude ones are hurting the nice coaches.

I feel that these are games for the kids and all kids should get a chance to play their sport and not have to sit on the bench for the whole game. I am pretty sure that most of these kids are not going pro.

So coaches, get off your high horses and let all the kids get a chance to play.

And another thing, they charge $5 a person, which is fine, but charging $5 for grade school kids is just not right. I know for a fact that South Putnam High School only charges $2 for grade school kids. I know that when you pay $5 to watch a kid play and when you get there, that kid does not get to play, plus his coaches are rude. I will not be spending my money on Northview games again.

Coaches, this is Brazil, you know.

Jackie McDonald,