Letter to the Editor

Vegan diet saves animals yearly

Sunday, April 5, 2009

To the Editor:

A dairy cow is artificially inseminated to have one calf after another in order to produce milk.

Any mother will tell you that childbirth is not painless. The calves are soon taken away from their mothers so the mothers' milk can be sold.

She grieves over losing her baby, but nobody cares. She is nothing but a milk machine.

Her udders can become heavy, infected and painful. When she is no longer a good producer, she is forced into a truck and taken to a slaughterhouse.

Imagine the terror she experiences as she sees those in front of her being killed.

She knows her turn is coming, but she can't escape.

Many calves are sold to the veal industry. They are chained or in tiny stalls. They can barely move, so their muscles atrophy.

They are killed when just a few months old.

So many animals are violently killed every day. Do you think God is OK with this? Is an animal's life less important than ours? Ask the poor defenseless animals.

God bless the vegans! By adopting a vegan diet, you save about 80 animals a year.

Patty Clodi,

South Bend