Letter to the Editor

Student disagrees with board member

Sunday, April 12, 2009

To the Editor:

I am a sixth-grader at North Clay Middle School and I strongly disagree with what (Clay Community School Board member Forrest Buell) said about the sixth-graders being educational hostages.

North Clay is not a hostage atmosphere. I was furious when I read this (letter) and when I told my friends about this, they were furious too.

Yeah, I'll admit that when I was in fifth-grade, that I was a little nervous about going to sixth-grade, but when I got there, I had more freedom than before. I got to see my old friends, meet new people from different schools and, most importantly, I felt more mature than I ever had before.

I love North Clay, especially my teachers because they are fair, nice, caring and, most importantly, they want all of us to get a good education. And I think I have been getting a good education, because I know more than I ever would in elementary school.

I think it's good for sixth-graders to switch teachers and classrooms because if sixth-graders always stay in one room, the teachers wouldn't have enough room and neither would the elementary teachers.

At North Clay, all the teachers have one room to themselves and one subject, but every week, my Social Studies teacher and all my other teachers share ideas on ways to improve our school and learning systems.

I have fun at North Clay Middle School, but at the same time, I am learning something new every day.

I love North Clay Middle School and if I was on the school board, I wouldn't even think about moving sixth-graders back to elementary schools.

I know, and all the teachers know, that when we go to seventh-grade, we will be ready.

Mabry TerMeer,