Letter to the Editor

Animals deserve better treatment

Sunday, June 28, 2009

To the Editor:

This is for the people who have animals then decide they no longer want them or can take care of them and just dump them out somewhere.

My brother-in-law and his girlfriend have recently had two dogs just dumped at their house. Being the good people they are and animal lovers, they have taken them in and cared for them.

They are both loveable dogs. My mother-in-law cut this poem out a long time ago and we found it and I think everyone who wants to get rid of an animal by just dumping it needs to read this:

A lonely dog sits waiting

In the hot summer sun,

To faithful to leave,

To frightened to run.

He's been there for days now,

With nothing to do ...

But sits by the roadside,

Just waiting for you.

He thought you were taking him

Somewhere to play.

How long can he suffer

How many more days?

He's weak now from hunger

He falls with a sigh,

He lays down his head

And closes his eyes

I wish you could see,

How a waiting dog dies!

I just want everyone who is thinking about getting rid of an animal that there are other ways then to be cruel and dumping them. I'm sure if someone doesn't know what to do, they can call the animal shelter and they will let them know what options there are out there.

All a pet wants to do is love you and be loved in return.

Penny Kidwell,