Letter to the Editor

Reader against possible bill

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Editor's Note: The following reader sent this letter to lawmakers and representatives in Washington, D.C.

To the Editor:

Dear Lawmakers:

I have studied this latest cap and trade bill. It's just another thinly veiled attempt to raise taxes to fund years of government overspending and waste.

Please allow me to be blunt: If you are complicit in passing this and it has time to take affect before your next election, I would hope that you have another career in mind.

This is one hot potato that could ruin your careers here in Indiana. People will thank you at the voting booth for every increase in energy prices by voting for someone who really represents their best interests. Someone who would vote to allow this cap and trade bill would certainly not qualify.

People in Indiana are watching with great interest while Democrats in general as a party are trying to saddle us with massive energy taxes that also give the federal government the power to tax and regulate, to their pleasure, politics and preference, the energy that we all need to make the economy work. Frankly, I cannot see anything good in this. Since we can assume politics will be involved and it will not be applied lawfully, only two things can come of it:

* Massive increases in energy price, and

* Nullification of any environmental advantages by the political forces.

If you represent the voters of Indiana, of which I am one, you'll vote 'No' for this massive bill that will tax our economies in the Midwest and cause us to fall deeper into economic recession.

Be sure and vote no for cap and trade. This is not a party issue. This is a people issue and the people that studied it say, "no." I speak for many.

Mr. Ellsworth, what did your polls show? I bet I know.

I assume you'll be voting 'nay' with the rest of them correct?

Mr. Bayh and Mr. Lugar, I know you're sensible enough to see the lights on this. "Nay" is your only option.

Political lemmings will find themselves hurting at the bottom of the election cliff if they follow the herd.

George Bowles,