Letter to the Editor

What is going on?

Monday, September 7, 2009

To the Editor:

What is going on in Washington?

So many things are happening that are unconstitutional and very scary.

The government took over two car companies and even fired a CEO. We also have shares in some banks and AIG insurance. Is this legal?

We have so many czars and advisors that I wonder who is running things? You hardly ever hear about any of the cabinet officers so it is easy to conclude that they have little power? Remember cabinet officers are checked out by security and must be OK'd by the Senate.

Not so with these czars and advisors. One of these czars (officer) is an avowed communist and another one extols Chavez of Venezuela and how he is controlling the media. Scary!

This is the same person that is working under the FCC and is in control of the adversity program. Didn't the White House come out last week with a rule or a request for power to shut down the Internet for 30 days in case of an emergency? Who will be declaring this emergency?

Who gave the government the right to use our tax money to give to individuals to help them buy new cars? Now, they have another program that will help anyone buy new appliances. How many people did the government help with mortgage payments? Where did all this money come from? You.

There is an advertisement on TV that tells people if they have more than $10,000 in credit card bills, you can get it reduced. Isn't this the same as stealing if you buy more than you can pay for and ask for it to be removed from your bill?

Why do we need a civilian militia? Isn't this how revolutionaries and dictators take over a country? Is the White House expecting a violent resistant to some of these actions?

Right now, every one is concerned with the health care policy, but there are many other things going on at the same time. We all need to be very diligent and keep contacting our legislatures. Let them know you are very concerned and expect them to start investigating some of these czars.

We have a right to know how much power they have, who gave them this power and where is the money coming from that supports them?

Roberta Buell,

Bowling Green