Letter to the Editor

Think before doing damage

Sunday, December 20, 2009

To the Editor:

On Dec. 13, I woke up to see my grandchildren's swing set turned over in our front yard.

This was the second time this week this has happened.

This time, they had to work to do this. We had the swing set tied with a rope to a tree. They had to burn the rope in two so they could turn the swing set over.

I hope whoever did this is proud of themselves. To destroy a 3-year-old child and her two brothers' swing set.

Now, when our grandchildren ask what happened to the swing set, we can tell them that someone didn't have anything better to do at night except to destroy the swing set.

I reported it to the City of Brazil Police Department.

The officer who came to our house said this is happening all over the City of Brazil.

Brazil used to be a nice, small town, where you could enjoy living in.

Now, people are going to start thinking, 'Do I want to live here, where somebody goes around town at night trying to destroy other people's property?'

Please think before you damage other people's property. Just because it's night and most people are asleep, is it worth it to get caught?

Because you will sooner or later. Someone will see you and call the police.

Nancy Ballew,