Letter to the Editor

Agreeing with cleaning up area

Sunday, June 6, 2010

To the Editor:

In response to "Reader: Clean the area's up," I too, have lived in Brazil most of my life and couldn't agree with you more on your subject.

However, I believe it goes so much deeper than just "the village."

Take a good look along Sherman Street and you will find the same thing. From a man living out front of a home in an RV, to people living on a taxpayer's dime.

These people have nothing to do but be in everyone else's business.

My question? Why isn't their yard clean? They have nothing to do.

If you look along West Logan, you can find people in the alley with their kitchen table and chairs cooking a pot of beans.

Or how about the family breeding dogs that look half starved and then selling the pups?

Isn't that illegal?

To draw SSI and make money selling pups on the side?

Why do they all have pools and tans and four-wheelers?

I saw a man get out of his truck last week and two bags of trash fell out.

He left it lay there until the wind took it to the next yard.

I try desperately to keep a kept yard, but it is difficult when there are people with no respect for their neighbors or themselves for that matter.

Brad McClane,