Letter to the Editor

Good people, good neighborhood

Sunday, June 20, 2010

To the Editor:

I live on West Logan Street and there are a lot of very nice yards and people who live here also.

I myself can't see anything wrong with a pot of beans on an open fire that is contained.

The family that does this has a burn permit and have a very well kept yard and the beans are delicious.

The next door neighbors don't seem to mind the dinners, so why should busy-body passer-bys?

The people that live on the small block at the end of Logan Street keep there yards very well.

As for the dog breeders, that is their business.

The dogs don't run loose or bother our trash or children as some places in this area.

The trash problem seems to be people driving by throwing it out of their car windows.

There is only one problem neighbor and they know who they are.

As for the RV, they were without permission and were gone in a few weeks and they did leave a mess, but some people have no respect for some other people's property or lives.

The people who live here 24/7 know better.

Brazil is a small town and most people try to help each other.

I myself love it here and think everyone who visits here enjoys themselves and comes back.

Thank you,

De Woods,