Letter to the Editor

Reader pleads for cleanup of city

Sunday, August 22, 2010

To the Editor:

Is it just me? Am I the only one that sees what the Brazil youth are doing?

I went to get gas this morning at the Kroger Fuel Center and again, the parking lot is covered in trash from the youth that stay there and "hang out" to all hours of the night.

Why do they think that this is cool or fun? And where are the police to patrol them? They do burn outs and speed through the parking lots, litter and I have seen some in compromising positions.

This is just causing more of a reason for potential businesses not to come to this area. This seems to be a theme for Brazil, "The Trash Pit of America," that just goes along with the other nicknames the city residents have -- "Brail-billies."

Wonder why they came up with that nickname?

There are some long-time residents that try their hardest to keep things clean up, only to have someone else trash it for them and mostly it is our youth and unfavorable citizens doing this.

Did their parents not teach them to clean up after themselves, not to litter and be respectful of others' property?

It should embarrass each and every resident living here.

Something needs to be done about this problem or more and more jobs are going to be leaving the area.

Make those kids clean that mess up or better yet, have their parents out there, too.

Carmen Johnson,