Letter to the Editor

No emulation necessary

Sunday, February 13, 2011

To the Editor:

The state of Indiana should not emulate in any way Illinois, which is an economic basket case and Midwest version of California.

Thanks to its state government total domination by Chicago urban Democrat politicians.

Yet, that is exactly what Gary politician and Indiana state legislator Rep. Charlie Brown is attempting to do with his Illinois-style smoking ban.

Of course, he has help from other Indiana urban Democrats and RINO Republicans, like Rep. Ed Soliday from Valparaiso in northwest Indiana. (Porter County has a bizarre situation where Republican officials tend to be significantly more liberal than their Democrat counterparts).

As a non-smoker, non-drinker and non-gambler, I oppose any government imposed ban on private restaurants, bars, taverns, veterans clubs and casinos.

Let the market decide. That would produce true diversity.

The Indiana House recently voted by 56 to 33 smoking ban exemptions for bars, taverns, veterans clubs and casinos.

Rep. Brown, despite a record of disreputable behavior (he once referred to Michigan City Prison officials as "murderers," when they carried out the execution of a killer who murdered an Indianapolis policeman execution style), said the exemptions were "unacceptable."

A view the Indiana Senate should reject.

Only the private sector can create wealth, which ultimately provides jobs. Government can only eat or destroy wealth through taxation and regulations.

Gary and Illinois are economic basket bases because urban Democrats like Charlie Brown are contemptuous of those fundamental economic facts of life.

Rep. Brown's Illinois inspired smoking ban should be rejected.

Thomas Drake,

Munster, Ind.