Letter to the Editor

Service through Wabash Valley

Sunday, February 13, 2011

To the Editor:

Within the past few weeks, the weather has dealt us a crazy hand.

Imaginably, all of us heard that this winter storm could have gone down in the record books.

Whether in the newspaper or on the 6 o'clock news, we were cautioned to prepare for a potentially bad situation.

"A half-inch of ice can bring down power lines and trees."

"Don't take any chances. Stock up."

"It wouldn't surprise me if the power goes out."

The advice and commentary lasted for several days.

Fortunately, the storm has since passed. The roads have been cleared, the power has been restored and we have ventured to the store (maybe twice).

But imagine if you lived your life in a constant state of emergency.

What if you couldn't get to the store? What would you do if you couldn't afford to heat your home? How would you feel if you had no idea where your next meal was going to come from?

Unfortunately for too many people in the Wabash Valley, it doesn't take a historic snowstorm to make life difficult.

Hundreds to thousands of our community members struggle to have the bare necessities: Food, water, clothing and warmth.

Sadly, Clay County isn't excluded from these tragedies.

There is help. Though our name says Vigo County, Lifeline is here to serve the Wabash Valley.

We are a United Way agency available to help with your crisis. Our mission is to provide a 24-hour emergency crisis intervention hotline, information and referral service for the Wabash Valley.

We care about connecting those in need with those that can help them. Regardless of physical, emotional or financial emergencies, Lifeline is a place for you to turn. Our staff and volunteers are here to help.

Whether you're calling to find help or learn about what services are in the Wabash Valley, get in touch with us: Dial 211 our Business Line (812) 238-2620 or our Crisis Hotline (812) 235-8333.

Warmest regards,

Michelle Swiger,

Executive Director,

Vigo County Lifeline