Letter to the Editor

Organizations should keep an eye on healthcare changes

Sunday, February 13, 2011

To the Editor:

I am the Wabash Valley Support Group Coordinator for the Brain Injury Association of Indiana and the Epilepsy Foundation of Indiana.

Both organizations ask that Hoosiers continue to follow the changes, taking place, in our government's funding of medical research and healthcare.

The decrease in funding, in both of these areas, will have a significant effect on the type and amount of healthcare Hoosiers receive, often when needed the most.

It's for this reason both organizations encourage Hoosiers to let their elected officials know just how important the current and continued funding of healthcare and research are and will continue to be.

David Kuhn, Coordinator,

Brain Injury Association of Indiana's Wabash Valley Support Group, and

Epilepsy Foundation of Indiana's Wabash Valley Support Group