Letter to the Editor

Sound system needs fixed

Sunday, May 8, 2011

To the Editor:

My husband and I attended the Saturday afternoon performance of "Grease" at Northview last weekend.

The students were all very talented and did an excellent job in knowing their lines, singing and dancing.

But, we came away very disappointed.

I don't know anyone on the school board or who is responsible for the sound system in that auditorium, but it is terrible.

We were sitting in row H from the stage and could barely hear the performers, let alone understand what they were saying.

I'm sure everyone in that play worked long and hard learning those songs and dance steps and after all their hard work, they should be heard.

Can't something be done with the microphones or sound system so the audience can enjoy these performances?

I kind of felt like it was a waste of money and a waste of a rare sunny afternoon.

Esther Lints,

Center Point