Letter to the Editor

Local family searching for missing dogs

Sunday, February 3, 2013

To the Editor:

For those of you who have children, it is devastating to lose one.

We don't have children, but like many people, our dogs are our family.

Due to the storm Tuesday night, unknown to us, a section of our fence blew down.

Two of our inside dogs escaped. We have spent hours driving around calling to no avail.

They were last seen in the Berea Church area.

Sammy is a Golden Retriever and Zoey is a black, curly coated Retriever-Chow mix.

We hope they are together.

We have flyers and pictures around town and on Facebook.

If you have them or have see them, please contact us, the Humane Shelter, or Four Loving Paws Vet.

There is a reward. They did have collars and identification tags.

It's agonizing not to know where they are.

I'm sure they are tired, cold, scared and hungry.

Please do the humane thing and call.

We thank those who have cared to help so far.

Susan Walker,