Letter to the Editor

Committee thankful for support

Sunday, June 16, 2013

To the Editor:

The Clay Community Skatepark is under construction and the youth in our community are anxiously awaiting its completion.

It took many businesses and people countless hours to prepare for the construction of the skatepark, including Pike Lumber Company, C.C. Cook and Son Lumber Company, Forsythe Burial Vaults, and Process Development and Fabrication (PDF).

All helped transport the skatepark equipment to the location site on the northeast corner of Jackson Street and Wesleyan Church Street.

It had been stored at the York Chevrolet Pontiac Buick site since 2009.

The Clay Community Skatepark Committee is thankful these wonderful companies offered their time, equipment and manpower to accomplish this huge job.

The skatepark will be completed in early July after Jim Keen Concrete Contracting completes the base upon which the skatepark equipment will be installed, Ron Lawson Welding completes the grab bars to be installed around the perimeter of the skatepark and Clover Signs installs the sign with skatepark rules.

Roberta Weliever,

Clay Community Skatepark Committee