Letter to the Editor

Watch on Washington

Sunday, November 17, 2013

To the Editor:

Have you noticed how things have changed in the last few years?

So much is going on in Washington, D.C., that no one can keep up with every new law or regulation.

The national debt has become so large that it is impossible to control.

Every individual, group or organization that has a grievance wants Washington to pass another law for their benefit.

That is not what the federal government was set up to do.

New laws and regulations seem to come out every day that continue to infringe on our freedoms.

How many times has a person with a gun been charged with a crime for protecting themselves against a criminal?

People have lost their jobs because of political correctness. Some have lost property because a politician perceived a different or greater use of the property in order to get more tax money for his/her political division that he/she oversees.

Environmental groups are always pushing for more laws or regulations that they believe will retain or improve the environment.

In some states, they are trying to control livestock waste, and some that try to control what chemicals are allowed to be spread on the ground.

What is not understood or considered is the fact that livestock wastes are chemicals and whatever is removed from the soil must be replaced in the soil in some way or it will be depleted and unable to sustain any plant growth.

The United Nations wants United States citizens to pay an income tax to them. They also want to have complete control over the oceans.

This means our military could only go where allowed and fishermen would also be controlled.

The UN wants all hand guns for citizens to be confiscated and controlled by the UN. You may think this is farfetched, but these are in treaties and many countries have already agreed to the conditions required.

Our President agrees with these treaties, but they must be voted on by the senate.

We must remember Senator (Harry) Reid would probably agree with the President and push the Democrats to agree.

One of the main duties of the federal government is for protection of this country and the people within it.

We have let the military and the Veterans down. They are fighting for our freedom and we have lost many of our freedoms.

Did you know that a few years ago, we were considered the country with the most freedom? Now, we rank around fifth.

Everyone has a responsibility to watch what is going on in Washington, D.C. Remember: There are many agencies putting our regulations every day and the President's executive order.

Get acquainted with your legislators and keep in touch by letter, phone or e-mails.

Roberta Buell,

Bowling Green