Letter to the Editor

Reader sees threat to food producers

Sunday, August 10, 2014

To the editor:

Militarizing regulatory agencies like the USDA and FDA not only waste taxpayer dollars, but also threaten the very lifeline of this country -- the food producers.

Many who came to this land a few hundred years ago were seeking freedom from tyranny and freedom to peaceably live their lives.

Today, those high-priced freedoms are continually eroded before our very eyes.

There is no need for a regulatory agency that makes and violently enforces its own laws.

They are tyrannizing small farmers and food producers in increasing numbers (those that go against the flow of big agribusiness in particular), curtailing the rights of the people of this nation to make their own educated choices on the food systems they desire to support and how they feed their families.

I adjure you, be part of the solution by demilitarizing regulatory agencies.

Kate Yegerlehner

Clay City