Letter to the Editor

When stars canít take their stripes

Monday, September 5, 2016

To the editor:

When we stand and hold our hand over our heart before we ďplay ballĒ it isnít to make a commentary back toward ourselves. It is to remember that the thing we are about to do would be CRAZY without first paying respect to those who laid a foundation for us with their LIVES which certainly MATTER. The game we are about to play or watch is possible at all because of those lives, not our own.

So many people are backing down from the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem. They somehow think association with these things is a mark against them. They are lacking confidence and becoming cowardly in taking personal responsibility to be in connection with the lives of others to make things better. This is a bail-out move. Itís a move that says, ďIím better than you. I donít smell bad like you do. I didnít do anything to cause this. I have no part in this. Iím not responsible and I wash my hands of this national community.Ē They represent a flag of stars without stripes. The stripes of personal responsibility undergird and are foundational to the stars that brightly shine.

The flag isnít about skin color. It is about the color of our attitude, our gratitude, and our humility in standing for and standing with someone besides ourselves. It is about listening, not speaking. We stand fully supported by the personal responsibility of many who died. We are now able to fully support their sacrifice and memory, leaving skin color to the side in those few reflective and selfless moments. Imagine with me if you will... superstars thinking of others for just a few seconds... but, then again, they wouldnít be SUPER STARS if they did that. They would have to come down and live with the stripes for an unbearable and embarrassing moment.

It is your right to think only of yourself and your message during that moment of honoring others, but please understand you only diminish your influence, your leadership, and this nation when you do.

Thank you to ALL men and women who sacrifice daily and live with personal responsibility in making the United States a great nation to live in.