Letter to the Editor

Sure-fire cure for drought

Monday, October 10, 2016

To the editor:

I have a sure fire-cure for the drought in California. All that needs to be done is to move the T.H. Action Track there, schedule a race and they will get rain. Seems like it always happens. The race is either delayed or postponed. Same for the March of Dimes Walkathon. Move it to California. Guaranteed to rain.

We too often hear the phrase, ďHe gave his life for his country.Ē In too many cases, this is true. But more often, their lives are stolen by enemy fire or, worse, friendly fire. I do not understand why this country has to stick its nose into every fuss, disagreement, conflict or war all over the world. Let Europe care for Europe. Let Asia take care of Asia, etc. Do you think that if we had a war in this country that anyone anywhere would stick their noes into our business and come over to ďhelpĒ us? Ha! Not on your life.

If we canít make it, build it, invent it, discover it in this country, we donít need it.

One of my favorite sayings is, ďThatís your government at work.Ē Some things this country does are so stupid. Why are we buying oil from Saudi Arabia when we have reserves and undiscovered oil in this country? Makes no sense to me. And why are we sending billions of dollars overseas to countries that hate us? Are we trying to buy their love and loyalty? Doesnít seem to be working, does it? There are so many things in this country that need to be fixed. Letís take care of America first. Not gonna happen because itís your government at work.

Do you know where all of that money comes from that we send overseas? Our government is borrowing it from China, Japan and other countries. Another fine example of our government at work. This money will never be completely paid back since we keep borrowing more and more.

Iím trying to live on my whopping big Social Security check of $972 a month. I also get $31 a month in food stamps. Thatís one whole dollar a day for me to buy groceries with. But thereís no money for a Social Security raise this year except for 1.5 percent, so Iíve heard. Thatís a big amount of less that $15. Gee whiz. Can Pakistan put up with a lesser amount of money being sent over there? Why doesnít our government borrow some more money to give us senior citizens a decent raise? Is that too much to ask?

Iíve also been wondering if someone could explain the reasoning behind not releasing the names of juvenile offenders. Do I not have the right for my own safety to know if I have a teenage thug living in my neighborhood? Luckily, I do not have to worry about that since I live in a nice quiet area.

If anyone has answers to any of my questions, Iíd be glad to read about them in your letters.

Nola Jean Blueher, of Brazil