Letter to the Editor

Beware of prescription drug price increases for veterans

Sunday, July 2, 2017

To the editor:

Medical alert to retired veterans being served by medical pharmacies in Arizona for this area: Certain pills costs jumped as much as 300 percent on June 28.

My letter states Nexium, now costing $49, will jump to $150 but can be changed to generic. Your doctor must be contacted to request this change. This is my cost after my deductible.

These costs are from retail pharmacies if not switched to generic.

This information is from the office SCTG of Defense Health Affairs. Your doctor must establish the medical necessity for prior authorization. The express scripts doctor line is 866-684-4488.

“Sarge” Marion M. Eveland, Brazil

P.S. Some have extra insurance that will pay but it would be beneficial to check your company to know of any dollar change for 28 June for cost.