Letter to the Editor

Of the troops, for the troops and by the troops

Sunday, November 26, 2017

To the editor:

Many past mornings I’ve had breakfast at VFW Post 1127 and the 11th Nov. I also had breakfast there with many vets.

Speaking with Past Commander Bob Begley, I learned what a responsibility today today brings to the local post as well as the American Legion in Brazil and that’s the all out effort for not only the men but the Ladies’ Auxiliary as well, whom are serving full breakfasts, a service at the Clay County Court House, and also a funeral that requires the presence of an Honor Guard and Colors.

These past warriors who served overseas in time of war, returned home to “give back” in so many ways.

They have fundraisers for the sick and dying, support baseball, football, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, work with schools with patriotic programs, and still look for other ways to “give back” in so many ways to our community.”

Never let it be said that they (avoid) the tough jobs to assist in any way they can for worthy projecs.

The men are assisting with the can and tab projects with a local undenominational church. They don’t ask for anything in return. The Ladies Aux., not to be outdone, also are aiding in this project as well and we thank you.

They don’t ask for money for their breakfasts but do accept donationals for same and the money goes for a project worthy in the community.

So, in closing, VFW and American Legion, we say, “thank you” for your past and present service. We stand with bowed heads and hands over our hearts for God and Country and you.

Thank you.

“Sarge” Marion Eveland