Letter on closings from the Clay County Commissioners

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

As the Governor made a major address on Monday afternoon to the people of Indiana, and requested everyone to stay at home unless you have a valid reason to leave your house, the Clay County Commissioners, after very careful thought, evaluation, and consideration have closed the Courthouse and County Offices to the general public and to the employees of the County from Noon on Tuesday, March 24 to and including April 6th as mandated by the Governor.

Although the offices will be closed, the elected officials and department heads will monitor their office phones from home and can receive voice messages. If you need to talk with someone, please call the office number and leave them a message. The phone numbers can be found in the phone book and the Courthouse numbers are posted on the east and west doors to the Courthouse.

Our county employees take great pride in helping and assisting our taxpayers and people of the county, and will continue to do so, as much as possible, during this unusual time which all of us are facing.

We thank you for your understanding, patience and cooperation during this trying and stressful time for all of us.

We encourage and ask you to follow the guidelines which all of us have seen numerous times to protect ourselves from the deadly Virus. We urge you to stay at home, be careful, and hope for the best as we are under several Executive Orders from the Governor of the State.

Thank you for your concern and help during this “stay at home time.”

Commissioners Bryan Allender, Marty Heffner, and Paul Sinders

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