Senior Spotlight: Noah Seidensticker

Monday, June 22, 2020

Athleteís name: Noah Seidensticker

Sport: Clay City track and field

Years participating in the sport: 3

Parents/Guardians: Gina Figg and Bob Seidensticker

Future plans: Go to Ivy Tech for Radiation therapy.

Favorite memory: Winning the early bird trophy and then sitting on it in the bus.

Biggest inspiration: All of my family

What you love most about your team: We were all like a big family and we would do anything for each other. Theres nothing else like our clay city track team.

Coach Cole Schroer on Seidensticker: Noah is a very hard working, determined guy. I canít tell you how many times we talked about this track season and how excited he was. He would have likely been our top thrower. He spent a lot of time in the weightroom since August getting prepared for a season that, unfortunately, will not even happen now. Noah really deserved to have a great track season. Not only is he a hard worker, but he is also one of the nicest kids youíll meet. We will really miss him and his enthusiasm for the sport.

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