COURT NEWS July 19-31, 2020

Saturday, August 1, 2020


The following case filings reported in Clay Circuit Court during July 19-31, 2020:


LVNV Funding LLC vs. Gilbert Head, Natalie Titara, Ashley Sabin

Second Round Sub, LLC vs. Patirica White

Mariner Finance LLC, the successor to Personal Finance Company LLC vs. David Jenkins

First Portfolio Ventures I, LLC vs. Lainey Kessing

Midland Credit Managment Inc. Vs. Matthew Booth

First Financial Bank vs. Brayla Holmes


State vs. Keltz, Glen Chad: (F6) Unlawful Possession of syringe

State vs. Joab, Cari Marie: (MA)Theft

State vs. Weber, Albert Scott: (F6)Intimidation - threat to commit a forcible felony

State vs. Cheesman, Michael Joe: (MA)Driving while suspended knowing prior violation and conviction within 10 years

State vs. LeLoup, Logan B: (MA)Resisting law enforcement knowingly or intentionally flees, (IFA)Driving while suspended

State vs. Lile, Jerry Franklin Jr: (MB)Criminal mischief

State vs. Vogel, Bradley E: (F5)Possession of methamphetamine - basic offense any amount below 5 grams, (MA)Possession of marijuana

State vs. Bradley, Christopher: (F6)Residential entry - dwelling

State vs. Russell, Frank Eugene III: (F6)Residential entry break and enter a dwelling, (MA)Criminal trespass

State vs. Popocam Alejandro: (MC)Knowingly or intentionally operating a motor vehicle without ever receiving a license

State vs. Reed, Mark Steven II: (MA)Driving while suspended knowing violation and prior conviction within 10 years

State vs. Harrington, Sheldon David: (F6)Battery resulting in moderate bodily injury

State vs. Gettle, George O: (MA)Invasion of privacy violates protective ord4er

State vs. Coleman, Robert A: (F6)Residential entry - dwelling(x2), (MA)Criminal trespass

Domestic Relations

Gregory L. Jordan and Amy D. Jordan

Fred Dood vs. Jennifer Dodd - with children

Emily McCoy vs. Gregory McCoy -with children

Whitney Koukol vs. Kristopher Koukol - with children

Kayla S. Felts vs. Michael Angelo Felts II - with children

Joanne Kenworthy vs. Charles Kenworthy Jr - without children


The following case filings reported in Clay Superior Court during July 19-31,


Second Round Sub, LLC vs. Nadine Briley

Jeffrey Voege, Chrystal G. Stevens vs. Linnie Archer

Professional Accounts Service Inc. vs. Madison N. Keith

LVNV Funding LLC vs. Cheryl Hill, Matthew Austin

Stephanie R. Spurlock vs. Jeremy T. Kaelber

Midland Funding LLC vs. Gino Johnson

CORVEE Inc. vs. Richard Hogan

Midland Credit Management inc. vs. Timothy Farkas


State vs. Dodd, Jennifer L: Resisting law enforcement - knowingly or intentionally forcibly resists, (MA)Theft

State vs. Thomas, Scott Adam Mitchell: (MA)Operating a vehicle with Alcohol Concentration Equivalent to .15 or more, (MA)Operating a vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person

State vs. Poorman, Joe Kevin II: (F5)Intimidation threats, draws or uses a deadly weapon, (F6)Auto theft

State vs. Yakel, Delmer: (F6)Possession of methamphetamine basic offense for any amount below 5 grams

State vs. White, Justin T: (F6)Resisting law enforcement - uses a vehicle

State vs. Lile, Eddis James: (F6)Unlawful possession of syringe, (MA)Possession of controlled substance - schedule I, II, III or IV

State vs. Jeffries, Miranda J: (MB)False informing - false report of the commission of a crime

State vs. Jeffrey, Tiffany M:(MB)Disorderly conduct - unreasonable noise

State vs. Gillin, Angela Michelle: (MA)Driving while suspended knowing prior violation and conviction within 10 years

State vs. Jeffries, Miranda J: (F6)Possession of methamphetamine basic offense for any amount below 5 grams, (MC)Possession of paraphernalia

State vs. Davis, Kyleigh A:(F6)Possession of methamphetamine basic offense, (F6)Unlawful possession of syringe, (MB)Possession of marijuana,

(MC)Possession of paraphernalia

State vs. Beddow, Keira Rayann: (F6)Fraud, (F6)Identity deception, (MA)Theft

State vs. Carpenter, Skyanne Marie: (MA)Resisting law enforcement - intentionally flees law enforcement

State vs. Walters, Michael Jason: (MA)Operating a vehicle with ACE to .15 or more

State vs. Callahan, Timothy Jack: (F4)Burglary of a dwelling, (F6)R4esidential entry, (MA)Theft

State vs. Reddy, Joshua Lee: (MB)Possession of marijuana,

(IFA)Driving while suspended

State vs. Stearley, Thomas C: (MB)Possession of marijuana

Domestic Relations

Emily Suzanne Bickel vs. Russell Edward Bickel - with children

Melissa Green vs. Robert Green - with children

Terra Gieseking vs. William Smith - without children

Elizabeth Hendricks vs. Jason Hendricks - with children

Mercedes Hargis vs. Kortney Hargis - with children

Small Claims

Brian Curry vs. Misti & Jason Harrington

Clay County Commissioners vs. Cody Airhart, Jeffrey Allen, Krystal Anello, Charles Atkinson, James Auberry,

Thomas Jackson vs.

Patricia O’Brien dba Got Your Six Diesel