COVID-19 UPDATE Data about local hospitalizations due to the virus

Friday, December 4, 2020

As the positive cases for COVID-19 continue to increase, the county has a 33.4% Unique (new individual cases confirmed by the Indiana State Department of Health from Nov. 20-26) Positive 7-Day Rate; some people wonder how many residents are hospitalized.

The ISDH provides hospital admissions throughout the state for COVID-19 on the state dashboard (, including approximately 79 Clay Çounty residents admitted to the local hospital. (The data is considered preliminary because it changes daily. Hospital data can take up to 3-5 days to post on the state website.)

Note: It is unclear if people admitted to a hospital outside of Clay County are also kept track of on the state dashboard data.

Indiana State Department of Health DATA Clay County Hospitalizations 12-03-20

The first Clay County resident admitted to a hospital for COVID-19 was March 3, 2020.

The most people admitted to the hospital on a single day because COVID-19 is four on Nov. 18.

The most recent residents admitted to the hospital for COVID-19 were two on Dec. 1, 2020.

Clay County is part of District 7 in Indiana with Greene, Owen, Parke, Putnam, Sullivan, Vermillion, and Vigo counties.

Clay recently had a weekly positivity rate and a score of RED, indicating a high spread alert, but was lowered to and remained at ORANGE (score of 2).

As of the most current data at the ISDH on Nov. 29, the other counties in District 7 are also currently at various stages of ORANGE (with scores of 2 or 2.5), with Parke being the only one in RED (with a score of 3).

District 7 Resource Usage, according to the ISDH, shows a total ICU bed capacity of 77 and 79 ventilators available.

As of Thursday, Dec. 3, the dashboard data included:

ICU Beds in use - non COVID - -1.3%

ICU Beds in use - COVID 55.8%

ICU Beds Available - 45.5%

Ventilators in use - non-COVID - 6.3%

Ventilators in use 0 COVID - 10.1%

Ventilators available - 83.5%


As of 12-03-20

1,404 Positive

26 Confirmed deaths

13,809 Tests overall

33.4% Unique Positive 7-day rate


4,402,956 Total Tests

359,430 Positive Cases

23.7% Unique Positive 7-day rate

8,527 Deaths

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