COURT NEWS May 1-15, 2021

Monday, May 17, 2021



The following case filings reported in Clay Circuit Court during May 1-15, 2021


JH MET Subsidiary B Liquidating Trust vs. Martin Beasley

Second Round Sub LLC vs. Brian Lawson

Midland Management Inc. Vs. Karen Meister; Brian Lawson

LVNV Funding LLC vs. Sonja Newlin

Christine S. Snyder bs Ivan D. Croy

Discover Bank c/o Discover Products Inc. vs. Jamie Roberts

Bank of American vs. Jason Straight


McGaughy, Shannon G: (MA)resisting law enforcement knowingly or intentionally flees

Casey, Robert: (F6)Battery resulting in moderate bodily injury

Grafe, David: (MB)Leaving a scene of an accident fails to stop immediately at the scene

Blackburn, Rodger L: (F6)Failure to return to lawful detention

Williams, James T, III: (F4)Sexual misconduct with a minor - has intercourse with or engages in other sexual activity

Adames, Panama Abel Diaz: Theft value of property between $750-$50K

Foxx, Kenneth L: (F6)Possession of methamphetamine basic offense for any amount below 5 grams, (MC)Possession of paraphernalia

York, Jacquelyne: (MB)Possession of marijuana

Mitchell, Cody L: (MB)Possession of marijuana

Macy, Ryan: (MA)Driving while suspended knowing prior violation conviction within 10 years, (IF)Operating a motor vehicle without financial responsibility

Henderson, James: (MB)Leaving the scene of an accident - failure to immediately stop

Stogsdill, Brandi: (MA)Driving while suspended knowing violation and prior conviction within 10 years

Lovett, Jeremy: (F6)Possession of methamphetamine basic offense any amount below 5 grams


Amnda Baumgartner and Kent Russell Baumgartner - with children

Amanda Mick vs. Patrick Mick - with children


The following case filings reported in Clay Superior Court during May 1-15, 2021:


Bank of America vs. Jennifer Burgstone

Jefferson Capital Systems LLC vs. Jackqueline Helt

Discover Bank vs. Thomas Hood

Brazil Public Library vs. Tara Bell;

PAS vs. Cody A Moon, Molly Moon

LVNV Funding LLC vs. Sarah Whitehead; Homer Porter


Reberger, Zade M: (MB)Possession of marijuana, (IFA)Driving while suspended

Edwards, Jack D, II: (F5 x2)Domestic battery previously conviction, (F6)Strangulation

Reffett, Kyle M: (F6)Resisting law enforcement uses a vehicle, (F6)Operating a vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person with prior conviction, (MB)Possession of marijuana, (MC)Reckless driving unreasonable speed endangering safety

Massing, Mark: Possession of marijuana, (MC)Possession of paraphernalia, (IFA)Driving while suspended

Hinkle, Gary: (F6)Operating a vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person - prior within seven years

Trinajstick, Todd N: (F6)Possession of methamphetamine basic offense for any amount below 5 grams

Woodall, Dennis: (F6)Operating a vehicle after being a habitual traffic offender, (F6)Obstruction of justice knowing or intentionally, (MA)Possession of a controlled substance Schedule I, II, III, IV, (MA)Operating a vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person, (MB)Possession of marijuana

Burk, Alexis: (F6)Auto theft, (MB)Unauthorized entry of motor vehicle

Roberts, Jairo Ostia: (F6)Theft property value between $750-$50K

Hillenburg, Brandon: (MB)Public intoxication, (MB)Disorderly conduct

Lane, Jason: (MA)Driving while suspended knowing prior violation and conviction within 10 years

Jennings, Djuana: (MB)Possession of marijuana

Gibson, Stephen Duane, II: (MC)Knowing or intentionally operating a motor vehicle without ever receiving a license, (IFA)Driving while suspended.

Austin, Taylor C: (MA)Driving while suspended knowing prior violation conviction within 10 years

Childress, David J: (F2)Dealing in methamphetamine amount 10 or more grams, (F4)Possession of methamphetamine between 10 and 28 grams, (MC)Possession of paraphernalia

Batchelor, Joshua: (F6)Theft prior conviction for either theft or conversion

Wilson, Stephen D: (MA)Invasion of privacy violates a protective order


Beverley Kay Pine vs. Darell Eugene Pine without children

Chet Scales vs. Tiffany Scales with children

Gregory Evan McCoy vs. Emily Nicole McCoy - with children

Brooke Elizabeth Miller vs. Kenneth Clay DeWeese - with children


Monte Martin vs. Mike Coffin

Chris Rector vs. Danielle Cramer

Etta Purtell vs. David Coopryder and Vicky Allen

PAS vs. Jacob D Ketcham