2021-22 Re-entry Plan discussed at Thursday meeting, more info at Special Session

Monday, July 12, 2021
IVY JACOBS PHOTO - A crowd of concerned parents and residents gathered at Thursday’s school board meeting to learn more about the 21-22 Reentry Plan.

In June, Clay Community School Corporation Superintendent Jeff Fritz invited a large crowd concerned about the upcoming school year and face masks to come back to July’s meeting for an update. They did, with more showing up for Thursday’s school board meeting at the Central Administration office.

Governor Eric Holcomb’s statewide public face mask mandate for schools and state buildings ended July 1. However, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (cdc.gov) policy for students wearing face masks while riding on school buses will not be addressed until later in July.

“There are expectations this policy will be lifted soon. I know it’s hard to understand. I don’t understand it either,” said Fritz, who confirmed the administration is holding on presenting 2021-22 Reentry Plan changes until the July 29th Special Session. “The Governor has provided options for school corporations to return to a more normal classroom experience this year. That will give us some extra flexibility. That is the desire of CCS, to return to a traditional school setting – as much as possible.”

IVY JACOBS PHOTO - Superintendent Jeff Fritz talks to a crowd of concerned parents and residents about the 21-22 Reentry Plan at Thursday’s school board meeting.

As long as the COVID-19 virus allows, officials confirm the Reentry Plan will let face masks be optional in the classroom for students and employees in the schools.

Fritz said the 20-21 Reentry Plan served a valuable purpose and helped keep some normalcy that many schools could not do.

“It’s the desire of the administration, and I believe the school board to return to traditional classroom settings as much as possible,” said Fritz. With some COVID-19 concerns and issues still out there, Fritz noted some of the previous plans and guidelines still have merit, such as good hygiene and enhanced cleaning practices, social distancing, and staying home if someone is sick to contain the spread of the virus.

Concerned parents and residents understood waiting for more information before announcing the Reentry Plan and encouraged the administration and school board trustees to provide prompt information.

Fritz echoed what Board President Tom Reberger said last month, who told the crowd then that he appreciated their time and concerns, “Please remember it is not you against us. We are all on the same page here.”

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