COURT NEWS March 1-15, 2022

Tuesday, March 15, 2022



The following was reported in Clay Circuit Court during MARCH 1-14, 2022:


Erie Insurance Exchange vs. Jason Woods

Mariner Finance LLC. vs. HerbertVarner

Riddell National Bank vs. Gavin Switzer


Douglas, Kennon L : (F6) Domestic battery in the presence of a child less than 16 years of age, (F6) Domestic battery resulting in moderate bodily injury

Howard, Dale: (F6)Domestic battery - with prior, (F6)Strangulation


Chastity Cruz Hernandez vs. Moises Cruz Hernandez - with children

Melissa Gail Hayden vs. Tim Lee Hayden - without children

Wendy Gay Price vs. Kenneth David Price - without children

Lena Burrows vs. Bradley Burrows - with children


NS193 LLC vs. Charlotte A & Bobby D. Gorby

US Bank National Assoc. vs. Devon Vermillion, State of Indiana through its Department of Revenue, Corvee, Inc.


The following was reported in Clay Superior Court during MARCH 1-14, 2022:


LVNV Fundings LLC. vs. Justin Ruggerio; Charles Fulks


Walker, Mary Eileen: (MA)driving while suspended knowing prior violation or conviction within 10 years, (MA)False Identity statement to Public Servant, 1 or more

Eades, Thomas: (F6)Residential entry- dwelling, (MB)Unauthorized entry of motor vehicle

Fogelman, Trinity: (MB)Possession of marijuana

Alverez-Sanchez, Julio Martin: (MA)Fraud, (MA)Theft

Ross, Kindra: (F6) Operating a vehicle with ACE of .15 or more with a Passenger under 18, (MA)Operating a vehicle with alcohol concentration, (MA)Operating a vehicle while intoxicated, endangering a person

Travelsted, Anthony: (F!)Child molesting where the defendant is at least 21

Reik, Brock: (MA)Theft

Daniel, Tommy Michael: (F%)Operating a motor vehicle after forfeiture of license for Life,(MA)Operating a vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person, (MC)operating a vehicle with Alcohol Concentration Equivalent (ACE) at least .08 but less tha.15


Valerie S. Combs vs. Shannon J. Combs without children

Makayla Mullet vs. Corey Mullet - without children

Bobbie L, Sosa vs. Jared S. Sosa - with children

Brandy Short vs. Michael Short - with children

Jessica Marie Hayes vs. Christopher David Hayes - with children

Joyce A Phillips vs. Randy L. Newport - without children

Patrick Benjamin Duncan vs. Sarah Lyn Duncan - with children


Riddel National Bank vs. Mikayla D. Shopmeyer; Gavin Switzer

Clay County School Corporation, Assignor, Corvee Inc, Assignee vs. Jaime Batchelor; James Clarkston, April Clarkston; Harold Zweck; David Winn, Lacey Winn; Ashley Scobee; Kristina Workman

Toni Carter vs. Island WinJammers Inc.

Jarrod Timberman vs. Kendra Skirvin

Mitchell K. Reberger vs. Rebel Shorter, Anita Shorter