COURT NEWS: April 115-30, 2022

Sunday, May 1, 2022



The following was reported in Clay Circuit Court during APRIL 15-30, 2022:


Ellie Boyle, Personal Representative on the unsupervised estate of Tina Myer, deceased vs. Anonymous Hospital, Anonymous Physician, Anonymous RN et al

Cavalry SPV I LLC vs. Gretchen VanPelt

LVNV Funding LLC vs. Donna English; Nichole Church

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC vs. Jason Schuetzs

Synchrony Bank vs. Damion Brown

Edmonson, Sabrina C: (F6) resisting law enforcement - bodily injury, (MB)Disorderly conduct - fighting


Gwinn, Samuel P, Jr: (F4)Burglary-dwelling, (F6)Residential entry, (MA)Theft

Wells, Julie F: (F6)Possession of methamphetamine - basic offense any amount below 5 grams, (MC)Possession of paraphernalia

Cummins, Alexis Rene: (F6)Unlawful possession of syringe, (F6)Neglect of a dependent - endangers, (MC)Possession of paraphernalia

McGaughy, Shannon G: (F6)possession of methamphetamine - basic offense for any amount below 5 grams, (F6)Unlawful possession of a syringe, (MA)Resisting law enforcement - intentionally flee

Grimes, Kathryn E: (f6)Possession of methamphetamine - basic offense for any amount below 5 grams, (MA)Domestic batter, (MC)Possession of paraphernalia


ServiceMAcLLC vs. Jesse D Martin

CrossCountry Mortgage LLC vs. Karen Entrekin, Keven Harsson, Corvee Inc. et al

Fifth Third Bank National Association vs. Michelle L Bowman, Robert Eugene Montgomery, Round Point Mortgage Servicing


The following was reported in Clay Superior Court during APRIL 15-30, 2022:


Discover Bank vs. Lynda Girton

National Collegiate Student Loan Trust vs. Kristi Baker

DNF Associates LLC vs. Tessa Cox

Mariner Finance LLC vs. Justin Phillips


Nees, Isreal James: (MB)Criminal mischief

Girton, Justin: (F6) Operating a vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person - within prior 7 years, (MB)Possession of marijuana

Pearson, Robert Jerome: Possession of marijuana, (IFC)Learners permit violation

Foster, Sabrienna: (MA)Driving while suspended - knowing violation or prior conviction within 10 years

Porter, Rick A: (F6)Strangulation, (MA)Domestic battery

Camden, Karrie: (MA)Theft, (MB)Unauthorized entry of a motor vehicle

Cox, Dalton: (MA)Invasions of privacy - violates no-contact order

Gillin, Jesse P: (F6)Theft of firearm, (MB)Possession of marijuana, (MC)Possession of paraphernalia

Wiley, Shane: (F6)Theft - prior conviction

Penrose, Sierra: (F6)Auto theft, (MB)Unauthorized entry of motor vehicle

Bruner, Justin William: (MA)Domestic battery, (MA)Invasion of privacy - violates no-contact order

Johnson, Joseph: (MB)Possession of marijuana, (MC)Possession of paraphernalia

Gilbert, Jared L: (MA)Driving while suspended - knowing prior violation and conviction within 10 years

MAybaugh, Christopher W: (MB)Possession of marijuana


Jerry Eugene Fulk vs. Karina Kirstin Fulk - without children


PennyMac Loan Services LLC vs. Travis P Wilbur, Portfolio Recovery Associates

US Bank National Association vs. Lori King, Med-1 Solutions LLC

Fifth Third Bank, National Association vs. Charles E Hamilton, Jane Ann Hamilton


Clay County School Corporation Assignor, Corvee INC Assignee vs. Sieiarra Frye; Shannon Schuermann; Janet Shelby, Steven Shelby; Kari Price; Chelsea Akers; Darrin Silvers, Jamie Silvers; Crystal Silvers, John Silvers; Amy Simmons; William Skelton, Lan Skelton: Charles Stephenson, Mary Stephenson; Todd Stem, Micha Stemm; Craig Stephans, Christine Stephens; Christy Valentine, Larry

Stevens; Michael Smith, Dana Smith; Kevin Smith, Carmen Smith; Shawn Smith, Wendy Crowell;

Austin & Hayley Staley vs. Renee Zukokas; Megan Zukokas; Josh Sankey; Susan Richhart, Keith Richhart; Danielle Riddell, Jay Riddell; John Riley; Amanda Modesitt

Brazil Public Library vs. Bryanna Wynn; Trey Bryan; Zackary A. Clark