Birthday dinner tradition

Posted Tuesday, January 6, 2009, at 8:55 PM
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  • u know this is great that you have this tradition for your family but I think that this paper needs to write more stories about the things that is going on in the community instead of some recipe or b day dinner that must of the people could care less about.

    -- Posted by justaperson on Wed, Jan 7, 2009, at 3:19 PM
  • The definition of a blog is," a personal online journal dealing with reflections, opinions of the author" People enjoy the stories and recipes, if you don't, stick with the news portion then you will not have to bother with reading the blog section.

    -- Posted by Centered on Wed, Jan 7, 2009, at 6:36 PM
  • I love reading Ivy's blog. She stays within the boundries of family and community. Her comments and writings make me smile, and take me back to when I was growing up.

    Thanks Ivy, for the fun, and for reminding me about a time in my life that I recall was the best.


    -- Posted by busymomandstudent on Wed, Jan 7, 2009, at 10:05 PM
  • justaperson ...

    As part of a reporter's job at The Brazil Times, we are supposed to maintain a BLOG on this website along with covering our "beats."

    It wasn't something I wanted to do initially. I thought to myself, I'm busy enough, I don't need anything else to do.

    I personally cover emergency response and law enforcement, military news (VFW), the LEPC, cover our county RELAY, try and keep track of two town boards within our county, write feature stories and work behind the scenes of many other stories and try to help the other reporters.

    This is not a unique situation for any writer at this newspaper, or any other newspaper for that matter.

    Needless to say the staff members at this paper are all extremely busy trying our best to cover the events that take place in Brazil and throughout Clay County. This job doesn't leave you when you go home, it's still in your head when your lay down to sleep.

    So, when deciding on a topic for my Blog, I didn't want to write MORE crime, accident, fire or other types of articles that stir up my fellow citizens. It gets a little tiring sometimes always being the bearer of bad news by writing about the darker side of life.

    To escape from that, I wanted to write about the things that make me smile: cooking, my family and the good side of our community.

    Surprising as it is, I've come to look forward to writing these Blogs. They're about simpler times and wonderful memories, many of which I had allowed the hectic pace of life to put on a distant back shelf.

    I also look forward to meeting people who stop to talk about the recipes and share their family memories with me.

    For me, the time it takes to write these blogs allows me to reconnect with what is important in life, relationships.

    Although it is not your "cup of tea," I hope it does the same for the readers of this Blog.

    For those who have commented here in this forum in my favor, I really appreciate your kindness.

    And please, if you have time, leave your favorite recipes and memories here as well. It's nice to see some of our local history can be shared through family memories and the stories of our favorite foods.

    -- Posted by MissIvy on Thu, Jan 8, 2009, at 1:20 PM
  • -- Posted by Partrosie on Thu, Jan 8, 2009, at 9:02 PM
  • Way to go Ivy. The news of Clay County and Brazil can be a very dark and lonely place. You are a great inspiration, as a for justaperson, find a new username. For you are not justaperson. For a person is someone that cares about their fellow citizens and enjoys stories about their family. You never know, reading about someone elses traditions, may inspire me or someone to take those little moments and cherish them for life. After all, thats really all we have. So justaperson, GET A LIFE, or stay on the negative side of things. Ivy doesn't need these types of comments!! She's only trying to bring a little light to a dark world!

    -- Posted by Partrosie on Thu, Jan 8, 2009, at 9:07 PM
  • The news is full of crime,hate and awful things going on in this world. I really enjoy reading Ivy's blogs. I guess you can say it is an escape from the craziness that goes on everyday. Also, her blogs bring back times when we were growing up and brings back our own memories of being with family and friends. I guess we all have a right to a comment, but I guess I am a little defensive when it comes to shooting down a good person that is bringing a little joy to our lives. I went to school with Ivy and she has become a great woman and who knew she would become our Paula Dean of Brazil!!! Thanks Ivy for bringing joy to the rest of us.

    -- Posted by SURVIVINGMOM on Fri, Jan 9, 2009, at 4:50 AM
  • as far as people saying that Ivy doesn't need that kind of comment is not true if you don't want people to respond to the blog & can't take the bad with the good then you don't need to be writing this blog at all.

    What's the point of having a response section for your PERSONAL opinion if all you want is "the sugar and lollipop" responses. A true journalist is suposed to be able to take critisim or negative feedback just as well as the good. It's just a personal opinion that's all.

    Just that some of the stories seem to be a little far fetched to me. I've enjoyed some of the recipies. So to go on the attack so quickly is actually quite immature. I would like to see more community stuff if you re-read what I wrote it wasn't a personal attack but everyone has made it out to be that way.

    I just stated that I thought there should be more stuff about others. There are other things that goes on in this county that the newspaper never talks about that the blog could be written about. All the blogs whether it's Ivy's or anyone else.

    I just noticed the other day that it's now 75 cents for a a local paper, and terre haute is still 50 and it's bigger and they have a whole section devoted to the community and the good news in it, you know the lighter side as you wanted to state. So i think you need to rethink your attack on me when all i had was a personal opinion.

    Yeah shes a good writer on some stuff, how about writing on something else than your family. If you cover the dark side so much why not cover the lighter side of someone else that may need some recongition that our community has forgotten. Why not blog about someone else's family memory or tradition or maybe a community's tradition or something...there is so much good in this community and I personally feel that it gets ignored.

    For example while i was reading the Tribune the other day, i read about a local company that started in centerpoint that is now in Denver colorado and it's one of the biggest companys in that field. It had to do with wood products. Now my quesiton to you is why didn't the brazil times do a story about something so "light" and historical in its community? I would think with such a HUGE following as the blogs have in brazil, that this would be a little tidbit that would spike the interest of the internet readers...It did me and I'm not from Centerpoint.

    I'm actaully an out of county reader. who just happens through the county on my way to work. I have family and friends here though...that was interested about the story when i told them about it.

    If you're not Northview, or some criminal or crooked politician than you're not newsworthy. And I think that's wrong. This was not a personal attack only a personal opinion, but you sure turned on me like is a personal expression, but the newspaper according to IVY wants her to do this, to draw more attraction to thier news. then maybe do something that is interesting to everyone once in a while then a chosen few.

    Sorry to sparked such a gaggle of attacks on me. but geesh i guess I didn't realize how important receipes where....with the response, you would have though I was dissin Bingo at the senior center....

    Oh and by the way I am a person....a person with a personal opinion and at my last review of the constitution...I still have the right to freedom of expression as Ivy does with the freedom of Press. So BACK OFF :-)

    -- Posted by justaperson on Fri, Jan 9, 2009, at 10:35 PM
  • about cat fighting...but that's brazil for of the reason I moved out of that area after growing up here...well in a small town called cardonia north of brazil. But silly me...I ended up moving back like all clay countians...A friend recommended me to read the blogs to try and catch up with old friends and BOY first one out and DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA! Whooo weee....But nothing like old times.

    But it was kinda cool to see a familiar face in Ivy. I've read a few of Ivy's blogs this evening and some of them are cute, but some of them sound kinda different.

    If i'm correct in my memory i remember Ivy's family I think she has a younger sister too. She was younger than me and I think they have an older brother that used to hang out with my brother the sanders and phegleys. I've not noticed much mentioned about them in the blogs, so I don't even know if they are around here anymore or if they've lost touch...

    I do remember Ivy's dad he was such a sweetheart..he always used to tell me I was a fireball for my read nice to know he's still around...leaves me wondering if he still cooks his chicken in his homemade smokers...

    when we visited with their neighbors he'd always give me some across the fence and then would give some to us to take was used to joke about the only reason we'd go there was to get his chicken...her mom would always give us canned tomatoes to die for.

    Well congrats on your writing career i know you wanted to write when you were in school. I'd like to hear more about your family and what your sibs are up to. I know the brother was a handful and the younger sister always made me laugh with her shannigans...she was so much fun when we played softball, her mom was a hoot too she loved playin bunko with my mom.

    look forward to readin more...but hey don't ride the justa person...looks to me like he was just makin a statement not diggin on Ivy...

    So cudos to justa person for expression your own view.....suggestion write a letter to the editor, don't know if they'd publish it but its' worth a try...I agree with you there needs to be more variety in the paper....

    -- Posted by bluujeann on Fri, Jan 9, 2009, at 11:21 PM
  • Justaperson,

    Let's put this together. You began your blog with this comment:

    "as far as people saying that Ivy doesn't need that kind of comment is not true if you don't want people to respond to the blog & can't take the bad with the good then you don't need to be writing this blog at all."

    You ended it with this comment:

    "Oh and by the way I am a person....a person with a personal opinion and at my last review of the constitution...I still have the right to freedom of expression as Ivy does with the freedom of Press. So BACK OFF :-)"

    I suggest that your first statement also applies to people who post comments on blogs, and you have no reason to be so defensive in your final comment. After all, we are just exercising our right to freedom of expression. Nothing personal.

    -- Posted by Anodos on Sat, Jan 10, 2009, at 7:20 AM
  • Just a little bit of my personal thought about justaperson's comments. I am going to be professional about my comments, as I enjoy reading them in that kind of structure. In your comment you said, "75 cents for a a local paper, and terre haute is still 50 and it's bigger." In my reading of economics, the higher the quantity the lower the cost. The Tribune Star is a much larger and regional paper and has the ability to print at a cheaper cost. It also prints more papers, making the cost per paper lower because it has a much higher demand.

    -- Posted by Criminology08 on Sat, Jan 10, 2009, at 8:53 AM
  • Wow! Why do you read blogs? I don't read them for "the news". I read the news stories for that. I don't read blogs for research into things that I am researching, although I sometimes find leads that I follow on blogs. Some blogs, I read as soon as they are posted, some I don't as what the blogger blogs about is of little interest to me.

    I write a blog by my own choice, the staff of the Brazil Times are assigned to write a blog although they do get to choose what they write about. I try to share information, mostly concerning schools, on my blog, Ivy chooses to share recipes, Kimberly has personal experiences, Jenny - politics, education, etc., Karen - life, religion, things about town.......conspirencies...LOL! and many other things are covered on these blogs. About every blogger has put in personal experiences and opinions.

    I like comments. I can always choose not to respond.

    -- Posted by FlyinLion on Sat, Jan 10, 2009, at 1:34 PM
  • Wow checkin back today and just goes on..GIVE IT UP ALREADY...

    i didn't realize that there was so much thought and expressed opinions on blogs...wish there was this much concern for other

    the way i see it..everyone has their right to their opinion...if you want to write about what color of underwear you think the president should wear..hey go for it...but the problem i see here is that everyone is about free speech as long as it goes along with what you have to say.

    so what if justaperson feels that way, so what if flyinlion feels the way they's all left up to perception and personal feelings. The problem is the way its always been in this little town. is that EVERYONE never lets anything go..

    okay they voiced thier've voiced yours are they going to stop reading probably so what...maybe they were having a bad day that's time to get over it and move on....i can think of other things this town has going on that so much emotion could be put towards instead of arguing over a little'on people life is to short...NEW topic..PLEEEEEEEEASE.

    -- Posted by bluujeann on Sat, Jan 10, 2009, at 3:14 PM
  • Yes maam lets officially call this one dead in the water, way too much going on bout nothin'

    -- Posted by Centered on Sat, Jan 10, 2009, at 4:41 PM
  • Sorry you had to take this grief Ivy. I like your blog and think it is fun to hear about your family

    -- Posted by sassypants on Mon, Jan 12, 2009, at 12:54 PM
  • I agree with bluujeann lets stop this now the only thing I was trying to point out is the recipes is okay sometimes but how about other things that your family does or have done nieces, nepews, brothers, sisters,or whoever I know you have more family stories...

    -- Posted by justaperson on Tue, Jan 13, 2009, at 1:20 PM
  • To justaperson:

    Honestly, Ivy can write about what she wants, not what you want her to write about. On a weekly basis, she writes a lot of stories that deal with the community. A LOT. So you coming on here and commenting about how you think she should write a blog about the community was wrong. A blog is free-writing spot. It's a breather from everything else criminal.

    If you opened your eyes a little, you would see that she DOES write community stories. (( DUH...))

    Her blog doesn't have to revolve around what you want, or what entertains you, granted that her stuff is rather entertaining. She shouldn't have to change what she wants to write because of someone who apparently is blind to what the newspaper truly does.

    -- Posted by AmayaTsuki on Tue, Jan 13, 2009, at 3:46 PM
  • GEESH was hopin something new on here....

    Hey Ivy, saw something on food network that thought would fit in to your blog...

    Ever heard of Captain Crunch french toast?

    made just like normal french toast except they put sour cream and whipping cream in the egg mixture, then once they dip the texas toast in the mixture they then coat it in the crushed captain crunch...they then topped it with whipp cream and blue berries and looked awesome...think were gona try it this weekend....have you?

    -- Posted by bluujeann on Tue, Jan 13, 2009, at 11:00 PM
  • Duh i forgot to put how it plays with your blog...

    AT our house its what you want for your birthday for breakfast foods. One always wants pancakes and one always want's french toast and one wants biscuits and gravy and i though this was a cool receipe...ever tried it?

    -- Posted by bluujeann on Tue, Jan 13, 2009, at 11:02 PM
  • I've seen that episode on Food Network (At our house we are all avid fans of many of the television shows there.) before. I secretly have a crush on Guy, my daughter likes the Chairman, while the men of the house like Rachel Ray and Paula Dean. (It's funny listening to everyone argue over who's better.)

    Although I add sour cream and whipping cream to the french toast batter I make, I never thought of rolling the bread in cereal. When I saw that on there, I could have smacked myself in the forehead.

    Haven't tried it yet, Captain Crunch is a little bit outside of a reporter's salary range in this economy.

    Just a note for all readers, I will be posting a new Blog later today.

    Have to finish the stuff from my beat first.

    And bluujeann, a special note of thanks.

    I appreciate you taking the time to share a recipe idea here and how it affects your family.

    If only all of those who have responded in the past few days would share their recipes, food favorites and the stories that go with them -- everyone's family history, our community's legacy -- this blog would be what I initially hoped it would become.

    If anyone cares to go back to the beginning of this Blog and read my first entry, "Blogging about what I know." It might answer a few questions.

    -- Posted by MissIvy on Wed, Jan 14, 2009, at 10:23 AM
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